Sapa Town (Hanoi) last day | Sept’11

The last day in Sapa: Ma Tra – Ta Phin (cave) 

After having our breakfast, off we go to our last trekking in Sapa.

Love the Vietnamese coffee!

Visited the school in one of the village.

School time~

Washing her hands.



My aunt…

and my mum!

Met new friends from Israel! Had a great time trekking together!

Ok, my aunt wants to cam-whore a bit… scenery too beautiful!

The path that we have gone through together.

Moomoo~ Want some grass?

Flowers actually do grow on cow dungs??

Moo~ Is my shit!

Powerpuff girls and friend!

Mmm~ nom nom nom…

Hi handsome! No wait… Hi pretty~!

Last stop, Ta Phin Cave.

Time to go…

Goodbye Sapa~! I had a great time here experiencing the different culture!

Thank you~


Sapa Town (Hanoi) day 2 | Sept’11

2nd day of Trekking in Sapa: Lao Cai 1 & 2 – Tavan.

After the 1st day of trekking in the wet weather, muddy path and slippery hills, muscle-aches came to find me on the 2nd day. Managed to over-come my laziness and carried on with our trekking to other villages….

Hiking through the bamboo forest.

The Black H’Mong Villagers.

They followed us everywhere for the whole day hoping that we will buy some handmade goods from them.

Thankfully the weather got better on our 2nd day! What a magnificent view!

Finally I had decided to buy some souvenirs from them.

Fighting spiders… just like my childhood days.

This is what you called “kor kor bei”~

‘Give the local a rod Don’t give the many fishes’ …?

End of our 2nd day trekking.

The things that I bought from the villagers.

Had our dinner in a Mombay Restuarnt, open by an Indian and the food are super nice! Didn’t expect to find such nice indian food in Sapa.

The misty road at night… I can hardly see what’s in front of me!

It’s chill-out time!

Light’s off! Goodnight~!





Hanoi – Sept 2011

I know I have been neglecting my blog for too long and I can hardly blog nowadays due to my new job schedules. Tried to ‘dig out’ some time to blog….. in a slow pace. zzZz

My aunt, mummy and I had planned a backpacking trip to Sapa Town in Vietnam. We flew to Hanoi and spent 1 night  there before we take the midnight train up to Sapa and 1 more night after we are back from Sapa. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the country’s second largest city. I find this place nicer than Saigon, Ho Chi Minh and less hotter (maybe because they have 4 seasons). Went there during last Sept, backpacking with our cameras… so plenty of pictures! Enjoy~^^

Caught 2 reindeers in a restaurant!

Local chinese food. Yummy but a little bit too salty.

2nd day’s breakfast in 1 of the restaurant nearby our hotel. Looks good? But the egg was yucky! Bad egg.

Looking for a place for high-tea….

Hoan Kiem Lake, in central Hanoi.

Wanted to walk in to a back alley but we were being chased out! Don’t understand what they were talking about but I think they doesn’t want us to take pictures of them or disturb them.

The Hanoi Opera House. One of the architectural landmarks of Hanoi.

Their scooter culture.

Asking for directions…

30 percent cars, 70 percent scooters.

Rest stop.

Dong Xuan Market. The largest covered market of Hanoi where the wholesale traders sell everything from clothes, household goods to foodstuffs.

Hoan Kiem Lake.

It’s time to chill….!

With a nice view of central Hanoi.

The magic hour.

Bye bye~^^

Will blog about Sapa Town soon…….!