Rome, Italy | May’12

Starting the day with some fresh strawberries… and it’s so cheap!! Went to a market nearby our apartment and decided to have our breakfast there.

Very very cheap…

Heading to The Vatican City!! ^^

Tada~! Here we are… The St. Peter’s Basilica!

St. Peter’s Square.

Queuing to go in to the church.


Generations of The Popes!

We’re not allowed to wear shorts, short skirt and sleeveless in the church. I had to wrap myself up with a scarf due to the inappropriate attire, before I can enter the church! 

The ancient Rome.

Lunch time~

The famous Spanish Steps!

So packed and filled with tourist…!

I can’t even take a picture ALONE! LOL

Happy Spring~

A street filled with street artists…



Oh my~ Oh my~


Not on tv, not in the movies anymore… this time I’m throwing this coin into this fountain personally and I can proudly say.. 到此一游~! YES! I will be back again!! (I threw 3 coinss! Sibei kiasu, I know..) Wheee~^^

Hey hey~ shuai shuai!

ROME is such a beauty~ Had an eye opener through-out this trip. I am really amazed by how the people there keep their historical buildings/structures/sites so so well!  They are too rich in their history, making this place so beautiful~



Unforgettable experience, Memories for a lifetime…..♥


The Colosseum, Rome… | May’12

After Venice… off we go to ROME!!!! Super HAPPY!

We took train from Bologna to Roma.  Through-out our trip in Italy, we travelled by TRENITALIA train because its one of the cheapest compared to the other train.

The journey took us about 2 hours plus….

No matter where I go….. K Drama without fail!

The land of talented people! (arrived! at the subway in Rome)

Had Kebab at some indian eatery for lunch! Didn’t expect this to be SO DELISH~!!! And they have SUPER SPICY CHILI SAUCE SOMEMORE! It’s so hard to find chili sauce in europe…. =’)

Finally arrived at our apartment! Stayed here for 2 nights.

A small fleamarket nearby….

Heading to the COLOSSEUM~!!! Wheee~

Once I stepped out of the subway…… OOOMG!!!! THE COLOSSEUM!!!

I was all stunned, standing there blocking the way and staring at the Colosseum with my teary eyes….. =’ )

“I can’t believe it… I can’t believe it….” I kept saying this to myself over and over again..! LOL Too drama? You come here yourself and you will know how I felt….

Yesss! I’m here feeling super blessed touching the Colosseum wall…. =’ )

We had less than 2 hours inside…


So beautiful……

The Arch of Constantine.

Yah…. still speechless….. LOL


Il Vittoriano, Rome.

The church of Santa Maria di Loreto at Piazza Venezia.





The Colosseum off my bucket list~!!! ^^