A Paradise in a small island…. Boracay!! (Part II)| Philippines Aug’13

At the highest point of the whole island, Mt. Luho!

Back to Diniwid Beach and we decided to explore this corner of the island! Westcove is another resort on the cliff next to Nami Resort and this place is beautiful too~!

It’s like a hidden gem. We had to pass by under these huge rocks/cliff. The water here is so clear and in turquoise blue! 😍

Tadaaa~! The Westcove Resort! They charge you a fee for coming in here to take picture or chill if you’re not their room guest!

This was in one of my bookmark list when I was still deciding on which resort to book, but their suite room was way out of my budget! So I decided to book Nami Resort instead after reading all their good reviews and of cause the reasonable price! I did not regret it at all!

Sunbathing before our next activity!

Yuhoooo Paraw Sailing~!!! Sailed out to the ocean just the 2 of us (and with the crew)!! 😊

The wave and wind got stronger as we sail further…. I was afraid that this guy will get sea sick but Thank God he was fine this time. 😌

I heard the best time to sail out is when the sun is setting down but….. Unfortunately, the sunset was all covered up by the cloudy sky that day but nonetheless it was quite a nice ride~! It would be awesome if we can catch the sunset though…..

The resort’s lift! Something interesting… ok random, I know.

Went to the resort next door, Spider House Resort, for dinner!

Very saltish…

The 4th day and also our last night here. Flying home on the next day, 😔 so we decided to order room service to our room and our butler set up the breakfast table for us! Feeling totally pampered! 😁 

We had Chicken Congee, Stir-fried Glass Noodle, Bread, Eggs & Bacons, Fruits, Coffee and Juice~! What a heavy breakfast! 😅

The kids were having a mini cliff-jumping here!

We’ve got a beautiful weather on our last day~!

Waiting for our turn for Para-sailing!

UP WE GO~!!!!

This is the platform where we set off.

Can you spot the Rainbow…?

Last dinner here in Boracay!

Well, for a short vacation, Boracay is really worth going to! We enjoyed our time here and I don’t mind coming back again (although the activities, food and things here are quite expensive) since one of the Budget airline just activated their straight flight here! 😊






A Paradise in a small island…. Boracay!! (Part I)| Philippines Aug’13

Travelled to Boracay for a short Vacation during August. I realised that this period was their ‘wet season’ only after I’ve booked the air tickets! 😒😓  I did some research about their climate and I was so worried that I will meet the typhoons!! REALLY worried that the weather will spoil our whole trip and I was blaming myself so much for not doing enough research before I book the tickets. Anyway… I think I am VERY lucky, we met no typhoons (Thank God!) instead we were greeted by the big hot sun and a beautiful blue sky on the first day!! 😌😍

The best time to go to Boracay (aka the ‘dry season’) is from November to April, which the White Beach will be more calm and more suitable for swimming and other water activities. Their Wet Season is from June to October. During the wet season, there are risk of typhoons, the White Beach often gets large winds and waves which sometimes makes it unsuitable for swimming. So do take note of that if you’re planning to go there.

Here we are~! This is paradise~😍 It’s soooooo beautiful!!

I think it’s quite a long journey traveling here without a straight flight (during that point of time no airline fly straight to Caticlan Boracay). We flew from Singapore to Manila and then transfer to Caticlan. After arriving at the Caticlan Boracay Airport, we have to transfer to the jetty (which I’ve arranged with the hotel). From the jetty, we took a boat ride to the island and then another land transfer to the resort! I felt like I’ve been transferring here and there for the whole night/morning! 😂

The sea is so blue and beautiful here at the jetty and we have not even reach our resort yet! 😍

That’s our luggage carrier/escort by the resort staffs! Excellent service! 👍

Finally……. sitting down in the resort’s cafe enjoying our drink and the view while waiting for our room to be ready for check in! A good place for day-dreaming…. so much to think yet so much to let go in my mind. My eyes dwelled into the scenery so much until my eyes hurts!! Hahaha.

The view from our resort is just simply BREATH-TAKING!!! 

Booked an Ocean View Suite Room at Nami Resort (located at the Diniwid Beach)! With an AWESOME view of the sea, big room, separate toilet & shower, big balcony with a tub and we have a personal butler too!! TOTALLY felt like a VIP!! I think I’ve made the right choice!

So beautiful~ I can just sit here all day…. A perfect place to relax our busy mind and forget about tomorrow. 😌 How to not love this place~

Went off for Island hopping! And I felt cheated because they only brought us to 2 islands…. and we paid so much! 😒😒 

That’s our Resort up there on the cliff!! Nami Resort is located at the Diniwid Beach, which is just next to the White Beach. If you’re looking for a quiet and less crowded beach, Diniwid beach is the place for you.

The Seawalker!! The helmet was SO heavy and I struggled a bit to balance myself!

I’m a happy little girl~ paddling away with the fishes around me….! 😄

Small fishy fish~

My big fishy!

Watching the sun goes down on our way back to the resort…. 😍

This whole place turned into Golden colour~ 

Back to the resort for a shower and then headed out to D’Mall to hunt for food! This resort makes it so convenient that they actually provides free all-day shuttle service to D’Mall! And so we don’t have to walk in the dark! 

First night trying the local food! I’ve forgotten most of the names but the dishes that we ordered are quite nice! We had a satisfied dinner on our first night here! 😋

On our 2nd day, we didn’t do much due to the dull weather. After our breakfast, we took a stroll down to the White Beach, enjoying the view and some street food.

This is the ‘connecting pathway’ from the Diniwid Beach to White Beach! Just a 10 mins stroll down to the lively White Beach!

Love the turquoise colour of the sea~ ❤❤

Here we are at the White Beach~! White Beach is the most popular and most crowded beach here! It has the finest white sand and where all the top-notch hotels are located! Also, this is where D’Mall is located at and you can find all the shops & restaurants here!

Jonah’s Fruitshake! Did some research online and many people recommended this place so I tried. I would say this is a must-try when you’re here! Their fruit shakes are so thick and rich, without adding any water (just ice) and not expensive!

D’Mall for food again!! 😊

Tried some seafood at some ‘over-crowded’ chinese restaurant and the food wasn’t that fantastic. After dinner, did a bit of groceries shopping at their local supermarket and then back to the resort!





Too many photos to put in one post! So…. to be continued~