Kyoto, Japan 2011

Day 2: KYOTO the Historical city!

Kyoto is a town filled with historical landmarks such as temples, Shrines and traditional houses. Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a thousand years and carries a reputation as its most beautiful city. Therefore, we went to visit the famous Kiyomizu Temple  and the streets of Gion (Kyoto’s famous Geisha district). So I was expecting to see at least 1 Geisha!

It was just the 2nd day of our trip and we overslept for 2hrs! We quickly got out of our hotel, took the Hankyu line to Kyoto. But then… we alighted at a wrong station! -__- Nevertheless, we enjoyed the scenery at the wrong stop that we were at! We found a beautiful place out of our carelessness and blur-ness…! haha. 🙂 I donno where is this place and I just enjoyed sitting here with this gorgeous view, waiting for the next train to come.

The weather was beautiful too~! I love this place!

We didn’t have time for breakfast and so I grabbed some Onigiri from Osaka station before getting up the train to Kyoto. This was suuuuuper NICE!! Can’t describe how delicious it was and I missed it so much!!

Here we are at Kyoto station!

Took the public bus to Kiyomizu Temple at about  ¥230.


Got down at the Kiyomizu-michi stop and we didn’t know which is the direction to Kiyomizu temple! So we asked some passerby students. Coincidently, they were also heading there and told us to follow them! Haha. How nice of them! And they are so kawaii! ^^

We met them as soon as we reach….. GEISHA~!!!! OMG!! I think we were so lucky! o.O Too happy~

Asked them for a photo and they actually allowed us to!! This is rare…!! 😀


I love their Kimonos~!

Up up up we go to the Kiyomizu Temple!

Stairs after stairs…. and it’s being paid off by the stunning view of Kyoto!


Make a wish~

Wishing stone. This is in a underground room, a really dark room that I can’t even see the ground and what’s in front of me! We will have to walk along the walls or follow the people in front until we see a dim light shining on this wishing stone.


Got our admission tickets to the temple!

Wash our hands before entering….

View from the main hall! 😉

Kiyomizu temple was founded over 1 thousand years ago and there is not a single nail used in the entire structure! Amazing~


Beneath the main hall is the Otowa waterfall, where three channels of water fall into a pond. Visitors can catch and drink the water, which is believed to have wish-granting powers. The water is refreshing and sweet, taste good!  😉

Plenty of souvenir shops along the streets outside the temple. Selling all kinds of pretty Japanese snacks and some of it are freshly made.

Japanese pancake making machine.

Soba for lunch~! Yummy~^^


Found a Japanese tea shop when we were on our way to Gion! Kyoto, and the nearby city of Uji, is well-known for its matcha or green tea so we bought some premium green tea back home!

They have many varieties of tea! The tea leaves are packed in small boxes and range from  ¥1700 onwards!


Gion, Kyoto’s famous Geisha district (Kyoto hanamachi).

Spotted another Geisha in Gion street!! o.OSo pretty~!




After crossing this bridge, we’ve reached the modern Kyoto….!

So it’s shopping time again~!! ^^



A shop full of Japanese cosmetic products!!! MADNESS! o.O


Time for some RAMEN~!! ^^

Super deliciousssss~! OIISHIII~!

The day has come to an end….. shopped for some groceries nearby before heading back to our hotel!

She look happier and excited while on our way back to hotel…… I must be draining her too much from all the shopping and walking! LOL! Anyway, we enjoyed ourself so much during this trip! Kyoto is my most favourite place in Osaka, other than Shinsaibashi. Hehe… 😉

Next, I hope I will visit Hokkaido and Tokyo soon~! I don’t mind coming back a thousand times! 😀