Around Kenting! | Taiwan Nov’11

Arranged with our hotel, booked a MPV and a driver to drive us around Kenting for a full-day (8hrs). Done my researched beforehand and wrote down all the places that I wished to go and the driver planned the route for us. He even reccommended some places to us.

So these are the places that we went…

Sail Rock (Chuanfan Shi).

The kissing rock. 

Kenting National Park.

Eluanbi Light House.

The southernmost point of Taiwan.

Longpan Park  龍磐公園.

High up on the cliffs overlooking the gorgeous Pacific Ocean.

Wind Blow Sand (風吹沙).

Lovers’ bridge 情人桥.

Stop by here to have some FRESH SEAFOOD~! First time holding a live sea urchin!! The spikes kept moving and its very ticklish! o.O

Veeeehhrii YUMMehh~! It will just melt once you put it into your mouth!


Awesome seafood lunch with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean…. Perrffecttt~


What does this rock look like..?

….and this?

Face Rock!

We are going UNDER THE SEA~! At Houbihu Marina.

Took a ride on this Glass Bottom Boat and enjoyed the underwater view of the corals and fishes!

This uncle having seasick already….LOL

He needed some fresh air… haha. ♥

Watching the Sunset at Guanshan.

They called this Flying Fish. Nice!

Our last stop, Chuhuo Special Scenic Area.

Vendors selling ‘unpop’ popcorns and all kinds of fireworks.

These are natural flames. This place has natural gas in the ground and was ignited when the natural gas reaches the surface.

And so we bought POPCORNS!!

Popping the popcorns! ^^

Watching other people playing fireworks while waiting for our popcorn to POP!…


Back to the Night Market to get some food!

Super cheap and BIG cup of Hongcha!

End of our day enjoying our dinner at our room’s balcony! hehe..







First day in Kenting! | Taiwan Nov’11

Have been planning to go Taiwan since 2 years back and finally I went there for my birthday. So this was my birthday and our Anniversary trip to Taiwan! 🙂

On our first day, we headed to Kenting. Once we touched down Taoyuan, we took the bullet train to Kaoshiung, which cost us about NT1330/ ticket (seats assigned). Not very expensive but still not very cheap……. It took us about 2 hrs to Kaoshiung and another 2 hrs from Kaoshiung to Kenting by Taxi. Super loooong journey! o.O

Gummies on the go! ^^

Kenting finally I see you~!

Booked a Ocean View room with Balcony (501VIP海景陽台日光浴二人房) in Kenting Sun How Hotel (墾丁上好旅店). A very small and nice budget hotel with nice view, great location with a 7-Eleven and Kenting Night Market just beside the hotel. Highly recommended!

The only cons about this hotel is that they did not have a lift and I have to carry my lugagges up to the 4th floor, which is the top level! o.O

The view from our room’s balcony.

Needless to say, after checking in to the hotel. We went out to the night market, which is just beside our hotel. Love the location! All the nice foods are located here! I love the smelly toufu and the braised food the most! I miss all the food here soooo much!

Had our dinner at YiPin Braised Food (一品滷味). They are famous for their Braised Food. Super yummy! Love it!

Look at how cheap their bubble tea is!

Had my first Oolong Tea! It has a very strong taste/smell of the tea leaves, best!

SMELLY TOUFU~!!! My favourite! SUPER SMELLY and I like it! 😉

The street of Kenting Night market.