Sienna, Italy | May’12

Our 2nd day in Bologna happens to be ‘Labour Day’ in Europe. Many places were closed for 2 days, so we decided to head for a road trip to Sienna!

Poppy flower.

Dropped by an unknown shop for our lunch. So lucky! they served some free food for sampling…!

And so we decided to have our lunch here!

The name of the restaurant.

Free wine sampling too!

Nice wine~

Free flow of beef and free flow of wine….. All these for only 50€ per person! The boss was so so nice that he actually gave us discount and only charge us for 30€!!! Too blessed~!

Good food good wine~ even the bug looks lovely to me..! LOL

My first time having raw beef…… So fresh and superbbb~!

Haha. Having fun!

Well entertained by him throughout our meal. Wonderful service!

Raw pork lard!! o.O

Snap Snap!

End of our FOUR HOURS LUNCH~! First time of my life I have my lunch for FOUR LONG HOURS!! A very good experience…. THUMBS UP~!! ^^

Had fun partying after the fantastic lunch!

So this place is famous! wOw~

Everybody’s enjoying! Wonderful place….


Heading back to Bologna…

Rest stop.

Good time flies fast. Enjoyed ourselves to the fullest with all the good wine, good food, good scenery and good company! Goodbye Sienna~ you are amazing! Hope to see you again….






Bologna, Italy | May’12

Going to Italy and Paris is one of my “impossible to come true” childhood dream I had since young. I always dreamt and think of what I will do if I am able to go there someday. Dream do come true…. =‘ ) 

Our first stop – Bologna, Italy.

While transitting in Amsterdam.

The view from our hotel room.

Alloro Suite Hotel.

My Aunt and her ex schoolmates. Met up with Margaret and Anea and we had so much fun! All thanks to Margaret and Anea for bringing us around Bologna and all the good food that she had made for us! Blessed!

Basilica di San Francesco, Bologna.

Coffin. Tomb.

Bologna Fontana del Nettuno (Fountain of Neptune), Piazza Maggiore.

Piazza Maggiore.

Basilica of San Petronio. The fifthteen largest church in the world.

Snack time! ^^

Butcher in Bologna.

My favourite Tortellini~!

Spring time! =)


Nice Gelato! Thanks to Margaret for bringing us here! =)


Ordered wine and comes with some nice finger food for free~!

My first sunset in Bologna…

Lovely place..

Did some cheap shopping! Good buy…! ^^

The train station in Bologna.

Margaret buying meat to make some italian dinner for us!! How AWESOME~!

At Margaret’s place for dinner….!

Anea serving us  SPAGHETTI~!


Good wine good food…. Once again, all thanks to Margaret and Anea for this Awesomely Delicious Authentic Homecooked Italian Dinner! My stomach is so so blessed~ 🙂





Margaret brought us to this nice place for some beer and supper! Nice ambience and good weather, love it! 

If you can understand the menu….

Food again! The Authentic Beef Bolognese~! Yum yum~

Somewhere near the University area.

One of the 2 towers (Towers of Bologna). Pisa is not the only leaning tower in Italy…

Ice cream again! Yummy~!

Piazza Galvani. Located at the back of Basilica di San Petronio.