The Floating City….. Venezia, Italy | May’12

Never have I ever thought that I will be able to step into Venice….. On the 2nd May 2012, I’ve made my dream come true..! ^^ Another strike off in my dream destination bucket list!

Sharing my Journey with plenty of nice pictures!! =)


My very first sight of Venice…. OMG~ Am I dreaming?!! =’)

Here I am~!! CIAO VENEZIA~^^

Feeling so blessed~

Saint Mark’s Square!

Saint Mark’s Basilica.


Decided to stop by this cozy little cafe for our lunch…

Enjoying our high tea here right at the center of Saint Mark’s Square! And I had the most expensive ice cream ever!! o.O

Can you believe we actually need to pay for the live music..?

End of the day, we enjoyed ourselves very much… so it’s all worth it! =))

Hoping on to the Gondola ride~! YES THE REAL THING!! Haha.

The best way to see Venice’s gorgeous places is through the canals….

The Bridge of Sighs.

What a Romantic ride~

The Rialto Bridge.

Super Beautiful~ How I wish I can stay here forever…

Had a great experience riding on the Gondola..! ^^

A picture with our Gondolier… =)

Time to say goodbye again…… I will never forget this place and sure I will be back again! Thank you for all the unforgettable memories. I miss you Venice~