A Paradise in a small island…. Boracay!! (Part II)| Philippines Aug’13

At the highest point of the whole island, Mt. Luho!

Back to Diniwid Beach and we decided to explore this corner of the island! Westcove is another resort on the cliff next to Nami Resort and this place is beautiful too~!

It’s like a hidden gem. We had to pass by under these huge rocks/cliff. The water here is so clear and in turquoise blue! 😍

Tadaaa~! The Westcove Resort! They charge you a fee for coming in here to take picture or chill if you’re not their room guest!

This was in one of my bookmark list when I was still deciding on which resort to book, but their suite room was way out of my budget! So I decided to book Nami Resort instead after reading all their good reviews and of cause the reasonable price! I did not regret it at all!

Sunbathing before our next activity!

Yuhoooo Paraw Sailing~!!! Sailed out to the ocean just the 2 of us (and with the crew)!! 😊

The wave and wind got stronger as we sail further…. I was afraid that this guy will get sea sick but Thank God he was fine this time. 😌

I heard the best time to sail out is when the sun is setting down but….. Unfortunately, the sunset was all covered up by the cloudy sky that day but nonetheless it was quite a nice ride~! It would be awesome if we can catch the sunset though…..

The resort’s lift! Something interesting… ok random, I know.

Went to the resort next door, Spider House Resort, for dinner!

Very saltish…

The 4th day and also our last night here. Flying home on the next day, 😔 so we decided to order room service to our room and our butler set up the breakfast table for us! Feeling totally pampered! 😁 

We had Chicken Congee, Stir-fried Glass Noodle, Bread, Eggs & Bacons, Fruits, Coffee and Juice~! What a heavy breakfast! 😅

The kids were having a mini cliff-jumping here!

We’ve got a beautiful weather on our last day~!

Waiting for our turn for Para-sailing!

UP WE GO~!!!!

This is the platform where we set off.

Can you spot the Rainbow…?

Last dinner here in Boracay!

Well, for a short vacation, Boracay is really worth going to! We enjoyed our time here and I don’t mind coming back again (although the activities, food and things here are quite expensive) since one of the Budget airline just activated their straight flight here! 😊






4 thoughts on “A Paradise in a small island…. Boracay!! (Part II)| Philippines Aug’13

  1. Bel April 9, 2014 / 1:47 PM

    very helpful article. thanks for the pretty photos! i’ve always wanted to go to boracay, but the only available date is in august. am apprehensive about the weather though… any advice on weather it is worth going in august..?

    • Sophia April 9, 2014 / 6:48 PM

      Thanks Bel! =) There is a risk going in august as there is high chances of meeting the typhoon and rainy weather. I wouldn’t go during august if I plan to go there again.

  2. richi April 14, 2014 / 2:21 AM

    west cove is an illegal structure, i thought it was already demolished? we shouldnt patronize or promote resorts who dont care about the environment and knows that what theyre doing is illegal and still does it anyway. And really its an eyesore

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