Florence, Italy | May’12


Checking in to our apartment in Florence. Its a very old apartment and it looks a bit eerie….

This is their main office and the apartment that we stayed in is at another building.

Here we are!

Very old building with antique lift. Everything so manual and it took us quite some time to figure out how to use this lift. Interesting experience!

Can you see the lift coming down?

Tada~ Our HUGE apartment! This is the walkway to the living area and 2 bedrooms at the right side.

We’ve got 4 bedrooms with a total of 8 single beds, 2 bathroom (with 1 bathtub), 1 kitchen, 1 laundry area (with washing machine) and a living room! So so big but too bad we only spent 2 nights here…

The living room.

The dining area and another walkway to the other 2 bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen!

The bedrooms…

The one at the right is the master bedroom and also my bedroom for our stay here! 🙂

The bathrooms.

The kitchen and laundry area.

A selca before we head out! ^^

We have to lock and unlock so many locks everytime we go out. Probably the safest door I’ve ever encountered! LOL

Santa Maria Novella Square.

Beautiful day with beautiful weather…. Enjoyed strolling down the street in Florence with all the old and nice buildings.

Florence Carousel in the Piazza della Repubblica.

Decided to have our dinner here!

Having some pink wine with pastas…! Yummy~!

Mushroom Penne.

This thing they called it ‘soup’….. I was surprised and I can’t find any soup! I was craving for CREAMY SOUP, THE REAL SOUP! LOL

Hehe.. my favorite bake potato!

Vongole Spaghetti.

Beef Pappardelle.

At first we thought they’re having some events but at a closer look, the locals were actually having a protest here. Ermm…. not sure what were they protesting about though but this is my first time witnessing a protest!

Shopping again~ 😉

Santa Maria Del Fiore.

Look what I’ve found…. Condoms vending machine! Very convenient huh~

David by Michelangelo.

Hercules and Cacus.

The famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge!

It was built in 1345, was the only bridge in Florence to escape destruction in WWII. Amazing~

Golden Ponte Vecchio…

On the bridge…

Why is the moon so big and round…? I don’t understand…. Are we nearer to the moon here? o.O?

It was too dark and  couldn’t take a good picture of it…. Perseus cutting off Medusa’s head.





Okay… That’s all for Florence! 😉


Rome, Italy | May’12

Starting the day with some fresh strawberries… and it’s so cheap!! Went to a market nearby our apartment and decided to have our breakfast there.

Very very cheap…

Heading to The Vatican City!! ^^

Tada~! Here we are… The St. Peter’s Basilica!

St. Peter’s Square.

Queuing to go in to the church.


Generations of The Popes!

We’re not allowed to wear shorts, short skirt and sleeveless in the church. I had to wrap myself up with a scarf due to the inappropriate attire, before I can enter the church! 

The ancient Rome.

Lunch time~

The famous Spanish Steps!

So packed and filled with tourist…!

I can’t even take a picture ALONE! LOL

Happy Spring~

A street filled with street artists…



Oh my~ Oh my~


Not on tv, not in the movies anymore… this time I’m throwing this coin into this fountain personally and I can proudly say.. 到此一游~! YES! I will be back again!! (I threw 3 coinss! Sibei kiasu, I know..) Wheee~^^

Hey hey~ shuai shuai!

ROME is such a beauty~ Had an eye opener through-out this trip. I am really amazed by how the people there keep their historical buildings/structures/sites so so well!  They are too rich in their history, making this place so beautiful~



Unforgettable experience, Memories for a lifetime…..♥