Taipei | Taiwan Nov’11

First stop, Danshui!
Had our very first beef noodles after checked in to the hotel in Danshui.

Super good!


Amain Boutique Motel 艾蔓精緻台北汽車旅館. 

Always wanted to try their 汽車旅館 and so I had planned to stay in one for a few nights. This hotel was DAMN AWESOME~!! LOOK at our personal lift(above, on the left) all the way up to our room!! I would love to stay here again if I come back…! It’s value for money, good location, super spacious, with the best facilities, private lift up to your room, private car garage and and and….. I LOVE IT~!! Had such a hard time crawling out of bed every single morning because the bed was SUPER COMFY too!! 

Look at the TV! Can turn 360 degrees!!!! LOL Super shiok or what?! I want my future house to look like this!

Tv, lights, music, aircondition and room service… everything within this controller! Dammit! I want this in my house!!

Ahhh~ Life is so good… SHIOK~! 

Time for some steam bath yo~!


Jacuzzi with Tom & Jerry Show~! Haha. Enjoy life like a boss~


That’s our personal garage on the right! 🙂

Danshui Old Street. This is the place where you can find a lot of ‘tie dan’ (Iron Eggs).



Set off to Xinbeitou for Hot Spring!

Only the Xinbeitou train looks like that… Cute!


Decided to stop here for our hot spring. Tried Korean hot spring and Japanese hot spring but never tried the Taiwanese one. So this was my first time and it was so different!

This entire place are filled with natural hot spring water!

Doggies here know how to enjoy life uh…

Shilin Night Market.


This is good~ Street food along the shopping area are actually nicer than the ones in the Shilin food market!

This place is very famous for their 十全排骨汤 (chinese herbal pork ribs soup) ! It was really good… until I forgot to take a picture of my bowl of soup! >.<

Many Taiwan celebraties came too!

Kelvin and the boss of this shop! What a nice uncle!

Shilin Food Market.

The Famous 豪大大雞排!

Mango snow ice!

Moved to another hotel in the Taipei Town area. Vendome Hotel was cozy, comfy and in very good location (just above the Luxy Club).

The bed was super comfy like…. WOW~! Again… hard time crawling out of bed! The only bad thing and I couldn’t stand about this hotel was we are not allowed to flush our used toilet papers into the toilet bowl and yes, even if you shit! Because of the sewage problem and it cause the whole hotel to have the smell. It’s a good hotel but the sewage system really cause a big problem!

MUST TRY! The famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian.

Taipei 101.

The street behind our hotel.

Wufenpu!! SHOP LIKE A QUEEN~!!

This Braised Pork Rice 滷肉飯 shop near Wufenpu serves super nice 滷肉飯!

I never like 滷肉飯 that much…. but this was way too good!


Theme Restaurant.


All the shits! o.O


This is a basin! LOL

Shop, eat, shop and eat..!


Yum yum~



Doraemon’s favourite but this is with Ice-cream! YUMMY~^^

This is how we spent my birthday and our anniversary in 2011… more and more exciting years to come! ♥


Cing Jing Farmstay (Nantou, Taichung) | Taiwan Nov’11

Say bye bye to Kenting and off we go to Taichung!

Took a cab to Zouying HSR station and the cab driver stop by at this shop for us to get our breakfast before heading to the station. They sells really nice breakfast here! We ordered Crepes with eggs, Crepes with corns and Crepes with ham and cheese. Delicious!


Here we are after 4-5 hours of traveling…!

Vienna Pleasance Cottage

Our room with a small balcony.

At a small cafe for dinner.

We were up veeeeery early in the morning 4am just to catch the stars and sunrise, but all worth it due to the stunning views and scenery! We went all the way up to He Huan Shan, its so high up and so near the stars! I get to see the stars soooo clearly even without any telescope. First time in my life I see so many stars, gorgeous~!

And it was very cold! Brrrr~

Here’s the sunrise..!


… 🙂

Back to the Minsu for our breakfast!

After our breakfast, took a short rest and off we go to the Green Green Grassland (青青草原)!

Sheep Shearing Show.

All the Meh Meh~

Spent a quality 1 night stay here in Cing Jing Farm. Love all the cottage houses and the wonderful scenery! ♥