Sapa Town (Hanoi) day 2 | Sept’11

2nd day of Trekking in Sapa: Lao Cai 1 & 2 – Tavan.

After the 1st day of trekking in the wet weather, muddy path and slippery hills, muscle-aches came to find me on the 2nd day. Managed to over-come my laziness and carried on with our trekking to other villages….

Hiking through the bamboo forest.

The Black H’Mong Villagers.

They followed us everywhere for the whole day hoping that we will buy some handmade goods from them.

Thankfully the weather got better on our 2nd day! What a magnificent view!

Finally I had decided to buy some souvenirs from them.

Fighting spiders… just like my childhood days.

This is what you called “kor kor bei”~

‘Give the local a rod Don’t give the many fishes’ …?

End of our 2nd day trekking.

The things that I bought from the villagers.

Had our dinner in a Mombay Restuarnt, open by an Indian and the food are super nice! Didn’t expect to find such nice indian food in Sapa.

The misty road at night… I can hardly see what’s in front of me!

It’s chill-out time!

Light’s off! Goodnight~!






Sapa Town (Hanoi) day 1 | Sept’11

Took the night train from Hanoi to Lao Cai and the  journey is about 6 -7 hours. Arranged hotel shutter bus to pick us up from the Hanoi Railway station to Sapa town. It was a long journey but its all worth it. Had a great exprience taking the night train! Had fun and had a good night sleep through-out our whole journey.

Tips: Once the train stops, all kinds of strangers start coming up the train to sell things and many of those unknown drivers will be there trying to get passengers.  If you have already arrange the hotel shutter service to pick you up, the driver will be standing at the exit of the station holding onto a piece of paper with your name on it. So, do not listen to those unknown drivers and some of them will even tell you that they are from your hotel to pick you up, then they will collect money from you.

1st day trekking in Sapa:  Sapa Town market – Cat Cat (Waterfall) – Sin Chai Village 

Took this from our hotel, the Black Mhong villagers were there chasing after our bus. They were then followed us everywhere we go and even waited for us outside our hotel. All they want is to make some business by selling us their handmade goods like pouches, bags, wristband and etc… I get irritated after some time though.

Roses can be found everywhere here.

The villagers carve their names on the bamboo when their in love.

Cat Cat.

Have a break!

Hunter going back home for lunch.

Made by the Black H’Mong Villagers.

Lunch in with a nice view.

Sapa Market.

Want some snake wine?