Osaka, Japan 2011!

A holiday trip with my dearest PeiLan……! ^^

Up up up we go~

LANDED~ and was greeted by the beautiful weather..! This was taken in the train while on our way to the hotel. I must say, Osaka is such a nice place to visit!

The train ride from Kansai Airport to Osaka station(where our hotel is) was about 40 – 45mins! That was faster than what I thought it’ll be! Or is it because we took the rapid train?

Arrived and checked in to Hearton Hotel Nishi Umeda! It’s located just beside Osaka Subway Station.

Here’s a view from our hotel room. Our room is on the 14th level with a totally gorgeous view of the Umeda Sky building.

Hearton Hotel Nishi Umeda is a 4 star hotel with very good service, very clean environment, super convenient location and it takes only a 3-minutes walk from Osaka Station to the hotel! The room is as good as the pictures shown in the website! The room was a bit small though but it’s just nice for a good night sleep during my holiday there. Highly recommended!

After checking in, washed up and off we go to hunt for some REAL ‘Oishi’ Japanese food! Heavenly taste~

Then we headed to the HepFive ferris wheel, which located very near to our hotel(walking distance) !

Enjoying the beautiful night view of Osaka, Umeda…

Did some shopping around the Umeda area and look at this shop….I ALMOST WENT MAD~!!! 0_O From shoes to flats to heels to wedges to all kinds of boots…. OMG they are ALL super PREEETTTAYYYY~!! Sadly, I can’t possibly buy all of them home..=(

Pachinko everywhere… I wanted to try but I donno where or how to start, totally have no idea. ><

On the second day we went to Kyoto and I’m separating my Kyoto post because I have too many photos to show and this place is just too awesome! So stay tune! =))

Let’s skip to the third day…!

Went to The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan!  It’s located in the ward of Minato in Osaka, Japan, near Osaka Bay. It is one of the largest public aquariums in the world. The aquarium is about a five minute walk from Osakako Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Chūō Line, and is next to the Tempozan Ferris Wheel.

I felt so peaceful while walking down the streets here, unlike the town area!

Here we are~ This is huge!

Hehe.. so cute!

Super huge tank and it really makes me feels like I’m in the underwater world……

This is something like our PAU! With custard fillings! Nice!

Heading to the Osaka Castle.

See what we had found? A Kendo School! We sneakily walked to the main door and I managed to snap a photo thru the tiny gap in between the doors! Hehehe…

The Osaka Castle.

We were a bit lost and donno which is the correct way to the subway station and so we asked a stranger for help. This uncle even draw us a ‘map’ telling us how to walk to the station. Japanese are super nice! o_O

Magic hour…

Sushi for dinner! OIISSHIII~!!

Day 4 morning at Shinseikai!

This shop sells super delicious Yakitori! But…. it’s the deep-fried kind.

Very crowded, packed with local customers!

While we were queuing we saw a few pictures with Japanese celebrities(i think?) and look what we’ve found? This was the only guy I recognized…. TOKYO HARD GAY!! LOL!

Ok I only know 1 word to describe…. OIISSHIII~!!

This small tub of sauce is for us to dip our food and there’s a notice placed beside the sauce saying that “please dip only once and if you want to dip twice please do so before placing your food to your own plate”. I was like, WTF? What if there is some “inconsiderate people” ? What if they dip again after biting their food? 0_O I just love how they really trust their own people. Awesome food and awesome people! Needless to say, the sauce is awesomely yummy with the Yakitori!!

In the Tsutenkaku Tower.

Pachinko again! Tempted to try….. but still failed to do so! The moment I stepped in, all the ‘ah pek’ looked at me and I felt so awkward! LOL!

We didn’t stay long at Shinseikai cause there isn’t much things over there, only restaurants, Sushi and Pachinko! So…. after this we went to Shinsaibashi~!!! Okay, will continue in the next post….. hehe. Stay tune! ^^